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Systems Integration for Proof of Concept and Pilot Run Systems

In addition to our design, manufacturing and consulting activities Pegasus Technologies has extensive experience in managing large-scale field trials and data collection systems, and in the integration of systems using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components.

We can provide all of the logistics for designing and manufacturing any custom components, purchasing COTS components, configuring the systems, packaging the systems for shipment to the end locations, and providing installation instructions as necessary.

We have provided this service at a modest cost over that of the materials alone, for projects ranging from a few thousand dollars up to ones in the multi-million dollar range.

We can give you the confidence that degreed engineers will be providing you support in your time-critical project. You won't have to worry that some technical glitch will cause your program to suffer while awaiting a higher level of support staff. We understand the systems that we configure!

We can also help to analyze data coming from the systems. Understanding the way the data is collected can be key to understanding what the data means!

Example Systems

  • Pegasus Technologies designed and configured a range of energy monitoring data collection systems for a major electric power utility consortium. More than three hundred packages were delivered on time and within budget.

  • Pegasus Technologies designed a modification to a COTS electronic device that was used by a well-known manufacturer of consumer electronics to evaluate an innovative web-based interaction device. From project start to the delivery of dozens of test units spanned just two weeks!

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