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The staff of Pegasus Technologies is headed by President Jim Pearce.

Jim Pearce received BS (1973) and M.Eng. (1974) degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University. Recruited out of his graduating class by Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Fusion Energy Division, he gained valuable experience developing innovative instrumentation for one of the leading Plasma Physics research organizations. The devices that he developed ranged from microwave interferometers for measuring plasma density to an embedded microcomputer (using a DEC LSI-11) instrument to measure neutral beam injector power.

Jim Pearce, President, Pegasus Technologies He left the Laboratory in 1980 to pursue the excitement of a private sector career. Since then he has developed systems and products that have been at the leading edge of technology. These have included a VME-bus based radiation monitoring system, a series of award-winning portable machinery vibration monitoring instruments, and, most recently, a wireless machinery health monitoring system that incorporated a 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio for which he has received two patents.

The breadth of his expertise and interests in the field of electronic product development is his greatest asset. He has been highly successful in software, analog, digital, DSP, embedded microprocessor and RF design. Many of his designs have been battery powered and hand held. This has necessitated use of many low power design techniques.

Jim is always excited by a new technical challenge. He stays abreast of developments in many technologies and has a proven record of rapidly mastering new ones.

Design Experience

Intel 4004, 8080, 8086, 80186, 80186EB, 8051 and derivatives
Motorola 68HC11, 68000, 68010
Toshiba 900L family

Analog Devices ADSP-2100 family
Motorola 56000 family

Active filters
Amplifiers: low noise, power, variable gain, precision, thermocouple, etc.
Power supply

1MHz to 2.4 GHz
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum: Harris Prism chip set

C, C++, FORTRAN, Basic, Assembler for above microprocessors and DSPs

Printed Circuit Layout:
Single, double, multi-layer
PCAD, OrCAD PCB386, OrCAD Layout (for Windows)


Even from a young age, Jim's academic career was one of distinguished advancement...

Nursery School Diploma

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